Spring Gillard

Salad Daze

Looks like the freshest salad bar ever. Saw this on Facebook, couldn’t find the original source. Anyone know? Happy new year all!

Bus Stop for Swingers

First saw this on Facebook. The idea came from London artist Bruno Taylor. Read more here. And there’s a youtube video called Playful Spaces. Looks like the swings were guerilla installations.

Stepping Up Garden Design

The garden that climbs the stairs is located in Billao, Spain and was designed by Balmori Associates. Read about it here.


Musical Downspouts

So I can unplug over the holidays, I’ve decided to post some of my favourite pics that I’ve posted on Facebook over the last year or so. First up is the musical downspout from Germany. Even the siding on this pretty blue building looks unusual. The creative downspout collects and directs water to thirsty […]

Rain Gardens

As I wander the UBC campus, I am coming across small, surprising sustainability initiatives. I found a couple of rain gardens and some mason (pollinator) bee hives at the back of the Scarfe (education) building the other day. Would love to know who was responsible for these projects. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item {
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I took a look at the impressive Earth Sciences building at UBC recently. The $75 million LEED Gold building is home to Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Statistics and the Pacific Institute of the Mathematical Sciences. My favourite feature was the rock that they left as part of the landscaping in the […]

Master of Arts in Education at UBC

Alice Aeju Jeon, First Year MA student in Educational Studies

I have been hired by my department to help promote their new Master of Arts (MA) program in Educational Studies (EDST). I’ve been working primarily on their website content, so I’ve been interviewing professors and students and the process is teaching me a […]

Random Recyclables

As I was sorting my recyclables for the bi-monthly beyond the blue box event that Village Vancouver coordinates, I realized I still had a lot of questions about what could and couldn’t be recycled. For example, if I take apart the Bon Ami container – do the paper parts go in with […]

Artful Seating

Went downtown last Friday night to take in the hustle and bustle. Came across this beautiful bench on Robson Street near Burrard. It was part of the VIVA 2012 Initiative, the program that closes off select streets throughout the summer, so people can party without getting run over.

The bench – or Urban Pasture, […]

Norton Commons

Noticed one of the dwindling corner stores in my neighbourhood had gotten a facelift. Decided to check it out. Norton Commons offers a mix of local, sustainable fare, alongside the odds and ends and necessities that any corner store might offer. They’ve even kept the freezer with the ice cream bars and […]