Spring Gillard

Earth Ship

This Earth Ship was designed by Mike Reynold. There’s a video at this link. Thanks to Green Renaissance for the Facebook post.

Green Renaissance

Green Renaissance is a film production and media company that specializes in “green” content. I follow them on Facebook and they truly have the most wonderful posts with great pictures promoting nature, environmental conservation and innovative sustainable solutions from around the world. Their website says they are environmentalists first and filmmakers second. […]

Craning Necks

No need to wreck your neck to watch these construction cranes. You can sit back and relax in this cool seating area outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. The Art Gallery has always been a gathering spot, but now that the street is blocked off to the traffic over the summer, there’s even […]

Dumpster Living

Gregory Kloehn, a California designer was working in New York and decided to build himself some cheap accommodation. He used an old dumpster and added wheels to make his new mobile home. This takes “tiny house” to a whole new level. He paid $2,000 for the metal box, put in a kitchen […]

Summer Toes

Me and my pretty toes are heading off on holiday. I will be floating in several Okanagan lakes over the next couple weeks. Blog posts will still miraculously appear, but they will be minimalist. And yes, sometimes vanity trumps the environment.

Handmade to Handheld

A friend of mine curated an exhibit for the B.C. Farm Museum in Fort Langley as part of her Master of Education degree. Through photographs and artifacts, the exhibit tells the story of four farmers in the Fraser Valley. The display not only conveys the rich agricultural history of the Valley, but also poses […]

Dead Birds Falling

Photograph by Jamie Zarza

I heard on CBC Radio this week that dozens of paralyzed crows and ravens had been found in the northeastern corner of BC, near Dawson Creek. What was curious about the report was the focus on the wing and leg fractures. Veterinarians, who had ruled out West Nile virus, […]

Recycling Time

For those of you who live on the west side of Vancouver, a reminder that you can recycle all your “beyond the blue box” items like soft plastic wrap (cheese, pasta), foil (all those Miss Vickie’s chips bags), trays from the take-out, the plastic lids from all those pizzas you buy […]

Innovation to Spare

The little bulb on my mini Maglite finally burnt out. I couldn’t find any shopkeepers in the neighbourhood who knew how to change the bulb, let alone sell me a replacement. So back I went to Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) where I bought the flashlight probably ten years ago. The experienced staff person […]

Containing Homelessness

Atira Women’s Resource Society previewed their latest social housing project this past week. The 3-storey complex is made from recycled shipping containers. The 12 units are roughly 280 square feet, with all the important conveniences (bathroom, kitchen, even in-suite laundry). It costs just over $82,000 to build one of these units, compared to $220,000 […]