Spring Gillard

A Seedy Little Saturday

It seems appropriate to start the new year off with seeds. Little parcels of potential. I read this piece on North by Northwest in late February 2005 to herald in the Seedy Saturday season. I have updated and expanded it in my new book on the politics of food, called Something’s Rotten in Compost City.


Good To the Last Drop

I am filling in some blanks in my book on the politics of food and preparing the course I’m offering at Vancouver Community College in January. I first wrote this piece on coffee after my trip to Guatemala in December of 2004. I was doing a regular series on food issues on CBC’s North by […]

Drowning in Chocolate

When I began to research chocolate, I decided to immerse myself in the subject. Well, more like drown myself in it. I rented Like Water for Chocolate and Chocolat. I re-read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I ate several pounds of chocolate, but only the very best. Because, as a wise man once said to […]

A Slave to Chocolate

He was dressed in flowing white robes when I walked in. Well, ok a white chocolate spattered lab coat, and a hair net. He whirled around the factory kitchen conferring with an apprentice here, checking temperatures there. He was Greg Hook, the alchemist of Chocolate Arts himself. This Wizard in White could tell the temperature […]

The Miracle Tree

My friend David Tracey is a tree nut. He’s the Executive Director of Tree City, a group that gets neighbours together with neighbours and fires them up about tending the urban forest. He is a certified tree care expert. Or so the International Society of Arboriculture says. He consults on organic tree care. I went […]

Food Hubs

There’s a lot of talk in food security circles these days about food hubs. A central location where all food activities can take place. There might be a community garden and commercial kitchen on site, a farmers’ market, cooking and canning classes. Small processors may have access to the kitchen. With a warehouse and cold […]

In the Perfect Pickle

I love pickles. I grew up eating both my mother’s and my grama’s. Mom used vinegar, grama just water. I prefer the latter. I have made pickles over the years too. With both success and failure. I tried my hand again this year and had mostly success. One jar was just mush. I think because […]