Spring Gillard

Earthwise Farm

Photo credit: Juliana Christiansen

The land that Earthwise Farm sits on has a long and turbulent history. For decades, developers have tried to do what developers do, develop the land. The Southlands, located in Tsawwassen, a part of South Delta, is not in the agricultural land reserve, but the municipality has designated the […]

That’s the Spirit!

I recently gave a compost workshop at the Evergreen’s City Hall community garden. In addition to walking through the compost basics, I recommended a procedure for managing compost bins in a group setting. Always a challenge. I also mentioned a couple of other opportunities that would help the City to promote their […]

What Fresh Hell?

I just renewed my passport. I also needed a certified copy as I was applying for exemption from US taxes on e-book revenues. It took me four trips to the passport office and a half hour on the phone to the IRS. As I said to the IRS guy, this phone call will cost me […]

Greenest City Sightings

I noticed these cool recycling stations at the Kits Street Festival yesterday. The logo on the side of the bins said Green Events Chair, I thought. I asked the attendant if I had it right, she nodded. Then I asked if there was a web site. She wasn’t sure, she was a […]

Doggone Transitions

Over Christmas of 1987, I travelled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with my then boyfriend. I dubbed it our break up holiday and had already picked my theme for the coming year: clean slate in ’88. I knew the relationship was over a few months before we left. I remember the moment […]

Compost, Ever So Green

Two summer composting workshops coming up. The first one is this Sunday at Evergreen’s community garden on the City Hall lawn. The garden is extending the invitation to the community, so feel free to register even if you’re not a member. The second workshop will be held at the Kitsilano Community Garden. They […]

Friend of Distinction

I met Megan in a first year French class at the University of Victoria. We sat in the front row together and inhaled our professor’s Gitanes weekly. We soon became friends outside of class, partly through taking lifeguarding courses together. One November weekend in preparation for our National Lifeguard test, we rented […]

Wasting Food

I attended a Vancouver Food Policy Council meeting this week. The topic was food scraps, so I was motivated to attend on a warm summer evening. It was lovely to see the enthusiasm around the room and especially wonderful to see the interest in food recovery or food rescue as it is […]

Bee Art

One of my neighbours and fellow Village Vancouver member is into bees. Mary Bennett is also into art and has found a way to marry the two. She developed a series of Bee Walks to show off various hives and mason bee homes in the ‘hood, some of them quite artistic. Her […]

Dog Crossing

I fell off my bike yesterday. A big white Samoyed leaped into my path suddenly in pursuit of another dog. I hit the dog, barely, and jettisoned off my bike onto the gravel path. I lay there stunned for a moment or two. The dog’s owner came to help me up and […]