Spring Gillard

Ben’s in the Road

Ben, Brooke and Sherman doing life.

Everyone loves a love story. This one has a healthy twist. A year ago my friend Megan’s daughter enrolled at the Art Institute of Chicago. Brooke moved to the windy city and lasted about two weeks there. All that jazz just wasn’t for her. But during that […]

Formosa Follow-up

In November 2006, I got involved in a fight to save Formosa Nursery, a forty-six acre organic blueberry farm in Maple Ridge. Translink, BC’s transit authority, had decided to put a highway right through the farm, even though there was already a planned and gazetted road nearby, meaning it was legal and government sanctioned. After […]

Feasting on Famines

In light of the present famine in southern Somalia, and the growing hunger in Kenya and Ethiopia, thought it might be enlightening to look at some of the politics behind food aid. While researching for my latest book, I discovered that food aid in the US today is worth between one and two billion dollars […]

Losing Streak

I am the only person in my family who doesn’t drink and yet I managed to smash a glass and lose my keys at a family wedding on the weekend. Then yesterday, I lost my sunglass clip. Today, I was retracing my steps from my communal garden to the bank and decided to stop in […]

World Cow Girl

A friend put me on to Kelsi Nagy who is blogging about cows during her world travels. It’s called World Cow Girl. I was particularly interested in her post about the cows eating garbage during her stay in Mysore, India. There is a long tradition in that country of cows eating food scraps, but plastic […]

Sheepish Man

Look what I found walking along 4th Avenue. My Kitsilano neighbourhood is so full of surprises. The guy and gal are walking ads for Icebreaker, a relative newcomer to the retail scene on 4th and the ever-growing number of chain stores. Even though I knew this was a gimmick, I couldn’t resist taking the picture. […]

Food System Report Card

One of the things we have struggled with in my food network, is determining what is a real need in the community and what is simply a nicety. Because we are not a funded group, we tend to go by gut feel, what comes up around the table, or what someone is jazzed about doing. […]

Out of Harmony

We are having a referendum in BC on a controversial sales tax imposed by the provincial government last year. According to the government web site, the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) “will keep B.C. competitive – helping to create jobs and attract investment.” They have a list of “facts” – purported advantages to keeping […]

A Telling Tail

I was at a Vancouver Food Policy Council (VFPC) event last Wednesday night at the gorgeous new Creekside Community Centre in the Olympic Village. The VFPC was launching the Food Secure Vancouver study, a baseline report of the state of food security in our city. They kicked off the evening by feeding us from some […]