World Cow Girl

A friend put me on to Kelsi Nagy who is blogging about cows during her world travels. It’s called World Cow Girl. I was particularly interested in her post about the cows eating garbage during her stay in Mysore, India. There is a long tradition in that country of cows eating food scraps, but plastic bags have complicated matters. Cows have to chew through the bags to get to their breakfast. Nagy has launched her own personal campaign to make it easier for the cows to receive their daily offerings.

There’s also a fascinating and detailed account of a workshop she attended on biodynamic farming, based on the sometimes unorthodox work of Rudolph Steiner. His method of composting involves filling a cow’s horn full of bizarre and some might say occult ingredients, which I spoof in my last book during a midnight garden ceremony segment.

Basket of Cowpies

Cow manure is used in copious quantities and is in no short supply in India where the animals are sacred. But there’s nothing sacred about feeding plastic to cows, which clogs their intestines causing them to die a painful death. And it doesn’t stop there, the owners of those plastic eating cows then consume the milk. The meat is also eaten in some states. Holy crap.


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