Spring Gillard

Crazy for Kale

Photo by Lawrence Boxall, CODA Print Communications

Of all the leafy greens, Kale deserves a capital K. According to the Mayo Clinic, vitamin K can reduce your risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma by up to forty-five percent. The naturally occurring phytochemicals, sulforaphane and indoles may also protect against cancer.

Kale belongs to the Brassica […]

Loverboys and Hunky Bills

I have a PNE hangover. I started off my annual evening of pacific national exhibition-ism with a big plate of perogies from the incredible Hunk himself. Yes Bill was there. There is no mistaking that profile. Hunky Bill has been at the fair slinging Ukranian hash every year for forty years, taking time out from […]

Farming & Climate Change

Here in BC we are already feeling the effects of climate change. One example, mountain pine beetles are devastating BC’s pine forests; the beetle larvae used to be killed off when the winters were colder.

Currently global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG’s) are about 39 billion metric tons per year. Just over 25 percent of that […]

Oh Rats!

The local rats have picked my balcony as their bathroom. I have no idea why. It started a couple years ago after I created a beautiful little zen garden for myself out there. It is a lovely sanctuary and I guess for the rats, a stunning bathroom. You would never know my place looks out […]

Chew Well

This morning I ate the Ultimate Whole Breakfast. It’s a whole grain mix of organic oats, buckwheat, golden flax, barley, spelt and lentils. Fieldstone Granary sells it by the bag at their Armstrong location. I was holidaying in the Okanagan Valley recently and was lucky enough to get a tour of the granary from Margaret, […]

Kitsilano Growers Market

As part of our effort to strengthen our neighbourhood food system and create a thriving food hub, we have launched another initiative. Thanks to a Greenest City Grant from the City of Vancouver, Kitsilano Neighbourhood House in partnership with the Westside Food Security Collaborative is launching an urban “growers” market. We are inviting local urban […]