Spring Gillard

Green Story Time


The City of Vancouver has reached the halfway mark on its Greenest City Action Plan and is asking for input.

It’s the Bright Green Summer! The Greenest City 2020 Action Plan is at its mid-point, and it’s time to celebrate successes to date and look at what’s to come. Join us this summer […]

Chilling Premise

Derrick Jensen, an author, teacher activist and small farmer wrote a book called Endgame, The problem of civilization, Volume 1. It is 451 pages long and pretty dense reading. But in the front of the book he lists 20 premises of our current civilization that pretty much summarize the contents. The premises are shocking and […]

Grey Water Time

In the early 1990s, I read a little booklet on grey water systems by Robert Kourik. Kourik has gone on to become a widely published landscaping expert. I see on his blog that he now mostly confines “grey water” to legal applications. As we are in a period of drought and our premier is busy […]

Go Solar Tours

The Society for Environmental Conservation (SPEC) invites you to join them on a tour to the Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) store on Broadway to learn about solar energy. On August 6th, a solar expert will animate the tour on the MEC rooftop parking lot.

These solar panels were installed in June by Bullfrog Power, […]

Watershed Tours

I’ve been on one of these watershed tours before and they are fabulous. Metro Vancouver offers them July to September. Details below.

Every summer we open our protected watersheds to let you discover these pristine valleys first hand. Join us for an engaging and scenic guided tours of our three protected watersheds to let […]

Dapper Buddha

Look what my Buddha picked up at the Folk Fest this year. It rivals last year’s head dresses. This work of art is from Dropping Form Designs in the Artisan Market. My friend Linda said I should use it as a “thinking cap” as I try to wrap up the thesis. Worth a try.


Saffron & Chickpeas

Tried this recipe from Alive Mag recently. It’s yummy.

Saffron Stewed Chickpea Tagine with Olives

Being one of the world’s most expensive spices, saffron is an indulgence. However, a little bit goes a long way, as this tagine’s judicious application of the spice will show you.

2 Tbsp (30 mL) extra-virgin olive oil 1 red […]

Joined at the Hipster

Photo credit:

Portland and Vancouver have often been accused of being joined at the hipster. Just like us, they have cool coffee joints, craft breweries, food trucks, farmers markets, and yoga studios. Read this Biz in Van mag article by former city councillor Peter Ladner about how Portland is actually beating Vancouver […]

Charm of the Name

Oh! the charm of the Name! It brings light where there is darkness, happiness where there is misery, contentment where there is dissatisfaction, bliss where there is pain, order where there is chaos, life where there is death, heaven where there is hell. – Swami Ramdas

Repeating the mantram is a powerful way to harness […]

Kits Haze

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Okay, I don’t want to sound like a no-fun Vancouver type, but tomorrow is Khatsalano Days. Which means 4th Avenue will be closed from Burrard to McDonald. There will be music, food […]