Spring Gillard

Mentoring Consent

Yesterday I attended a Masters Professional Project presentation by a sparkling young woman who I’ve been working with for the last couple of years. As she delivered her brilliant, articulate, entertaining project summary on neighbourhood food justice networks, I just felt so honoured to be in that room, to have been part of her journey […]

Paul Hawken Inspires

When I registered for the Paul Hawken talk here in Vancouver a couple weeks ago, I didn’t really know much about him. But for some reason I was compelled to go. I’m glad I did. Turns out he was the Hawken half of Smith and Hawken, the famed chain of high quality mail order and […]

Curves in the Road

I walk on this pathway at the corner of Burrard and Pacific in Vancouver each time I go for a swim at the Aquatic Centre. For a long time it was just a gravel path and not so curvy. Whenever I walk there, I am reminded of a story I heard.

A new college was […]

Casting a Vote for All

I just got back from voting in my municipal election. Every time I vote I get choked up. I guess it’s that “rush of democracy” as one Facebook friend described it this morning.

I remember when I was growing up, my parents would always get dressed up to go vote. There was this solemnity about […]

Deconstructing a Garden

When I moved into this apartment nearly eight years ago, I had just split up with a boyfriend. I was heartbroken and had even lost the desire to garden. The balcony was barren for a couple of years. Instead, I used the space to refinish some furniture I’d inherited from my grandmother, which turned out […]

Candidates Occupy Kits House

I went to the all candidates meeting on Saturday at Kits House. Thirteen candidates showed up – impressive. There was a lot of concern expressed, both by citizens and candidates, about how Vancouver is becoming a city for the rich. I was able to ask two of my burning questions. The first was about the […]

High Tech Words from a Low Tech Man

When I was writing the chapter on genetically modified foods for my latest book, I came across this great quote from Dr. David Suzuki, Canadian geneticist, broadcaster and local hero. “Any scientist who tells you [GM foods are] safe is either very stupid or deliberately lying.” (Common Ground Magazine, December, 1999).

When I contacted Dr. […]

Scrabble Dabblers

I played Scrabble Saturday night with some of the women who live in my building. It’s become a regular event. On my way downstairs, with bowl of popcorn in hand, I was thinking how wonderful it was, that this little community had formed without any effort. It all started a few years ago, at a […]

Sharp Recycling Program

I used to take my coffee grinder to a repair shop on Dunsmuir Street in Vancouver to have the blades sharpened. I think it was called Sunspot. It’s long gone. I remember watching a man ahead of me in line once. He had brought in his electric razor, just to have the blade changed. I […]