Spring Gillard

Canada Grows

A colleague sent out this excerpt from Stats Can this week. A lot of us are growing food. Too bad about the continued use of pesticides, even though they’ve been banned for cosmetic use in many jurisdictions. There’s some great information on natural yard and garden care here.

Canadians and Nature: Around the home, 2013


Breathing WiFi

Harry Burton from Apple Luscious Organic Orchard sent this out this week. My next breath or my next text? Tough call for some I’m sure.

DeaFine Dining

One summer, while hanging out at the lake in between competitive swimming training sessions, I befriended a deaf man named Doug. He taught me to sign the alphabet. To this day, I can mostly remember how to spell, and have always been quite proud of how fast I can sign “hi.” I remember Doug fondly […]

Barley & Mushroom Bake

Alive Magazine has such great recipes. I made this tonight – without the prawns. Wonderful and easy – just throw it all into a hot pot and carry on with your day.

This is an adaptation of a rice risotto with equally delicious results.

3/4 cup (180 mL) dried assorted wild mushrooms 1 cup (250 […]

Planetary Interference?

I went to pick up my new U-Pass Compass card at UBC Robson Square this week and the Translink vending machines weren’t working. The machine just kept telling me I was ineligible, even though I am still a student. The UBC staff person at reception was able to issue my card manually though. Doesn’t bode […]

Cedar & Bamboo

We’re hosting a cool event at the UBC Learning Exchange next week in partnership with the Chinese Cultural Centre. We’re screening Cedar & Bamboo, a film about the shared history of First Nations and Chinese immigrants in BC. Elder Larry Grant, who is of Musqueam and Chinese descent, will facilitate a discussion afterwards. The event […]

Garden State

Ever wish you hadn’t started a project? Can’t even begin to imagine how it will ever be done? That’s the state of my balcony garden and my thesis at the moment. The long weekend just won’t be long enough I’m afraid.

Brown is the New Green

Photo credit: Robert S. Donovan

I prefer to grow food in the front and back yard, but it’s nice for the kids and dogs to have some grass to roll around on. If you must have lawn, here are some tips to conserve water from the Greenest City newsletter – and a great […]

Inspiration Lab

Photo credit: Alex Ramon, July 2005

Cool new tech space at the library. Spotted this in the Greenest City newsletter this week.

The Vancouver Public Library’s Downtown branch is now home to a new custom-built digital media space, the Inspiration Lab. Featuring high-performance computers, recording studios, creativity and digitization stations, and collaboration and […]

Earth Mothers

Thanks to my mother for my love of the earth, and all its glorious gardens.

I’m going to plant a heart in the Earth water it with love from a vein. I’m going to praise it with the push of muscle and care for it in the sound of all dimensions. I’m going to leave […]