Spring Gillard

A Classic Story

I’m going through old resumes – yes I’ve saved them. They go back decades. There’s one that an old friend still teases me about. I was following the advice of a magazine article I’d read on how to write a resume. It was the thinking of the day that you should write a little summary […]

Beyond the Blue Box

Village Vancouver has started a monthly recycling event in Kitsilano to recycle materials that the City blue box program doesn’t accept. It was inspired by the Beyond the Blue Box event at Britannia Community Centre. It has been an education for me to learn about all the different types of plastics that can be recycled. […]

Benchmark Day

I sneaked onto what’s left of my balcony yesterday to repot some plants. The sun was shining so bright and warm that it even penetrated the blue tarp that encases the building. My balcony is one of the last to be torn off and is part of the construction zone. I won’t have a new […]

Task at Hand

When I was approaching my 40th birthday, I went into a dark night of the soul. I had no idea who I was or where I was going. Then a friend invited me to spend the weekend with her. Her plan was for us to fill in a massive questionnaire that would help us to […]

C.URB-side Growing

A few summers ago, on a visit to my hometown of Penticton, I met Eva Durance, author of Cultivating the Wild, Gardening with Native Plants of British Columbia’s Southern Interior and Eastern Washington (Nature Guides BC, 2009). Eva and her friend Kathryn McCourt were talking about creating a demonstration garden, similar to City Farmer, and […]

Wok Before You Run

I’ve been meaning to clean out my kitchen cupboards for some time. It’s one of those things I don’t quite get around to. Okay, avoid. Then on Friday afternoon, I accompanied a friend to Ikea. You need a friend to go to any big box store, to turn the shopping into an adventure, otherwise it […]

Spearheading Smart Business

It was a dark and stormy Monday, but I dragged myself out that evening to an advance screening of a film. Sure glad I went. The film was called So Right, So Smart: Making the Case for Sustainable Business. The star of the show was the late Ray Anderson, Chairman and Founder of Interface, a […]

Money With Heart

I went to an event about money matters on Thursday night, not a topic to which I would usually be drawn. It was called Values-Based Banking: Financing the Future of a Changing World. I was drawn to it because Naomi Klein was speaking. I had never heard the well-known Canadian author (No Logo, The Shock […]

Triggerfish Design

My brother Don is a Pisces, which might explain his love of triggerfish and why he named his design company after the tropical fish.

Picasso Triggerfish

Don’s a creative type. It’s hard to fit what he does into an elevator speech. I am going to try to fit it into a blog post. […]

Lost in Richmond

Tourism Richmond is embarking on a promotional campaign reminiscent of Australia’s Best Job in the World contest and the more local Live at the Vancouver Airport. The deal is, the winning writer will eat at a different restaurant every day for a year, then flog the heck out of the Richmond restaurant scene through a […]