Spring Gillard

Growing Food

I love Facebook because I see things there that I don’t see anywhere else. Two urban agriculture shots were circulating recently. One from Geneva Switzerland, where it looks like everyone there is growing food. This aerial shot shows 900,000 allotments (community gardens), an equivalent of 3,000 medium sized farms. […]

Step into Summer

Here’s a great idea to dress up your stairs. Lushness and fragrance in every step.


Spencer Hill Orchard

Sheila Dobie is passionate about her local food system and she is a big part of its revitalization. Dobie and her partner Karl Lilgert moved to the Kettle Valley from the North Coast in 2006 with plans to start fresh. Dobie had gardened all her young adult life and […]

Connecting with Nature

Photo credit: TJ Watt (from DSF website)

When my friend Linda put me on to the UBC Faculty of Education, her contact referred me on to Dr. Robert VanWynsberghe. I emailed him, outlining my research plan idea – at the time, it was to take the book I’d just written and […]

Bike Picnic

I just had my bike serviced. It’s a very old bike but it’s still going strong. I had the old rat trap removed and a sleek new one installed so I can attach panniers. That way I can haul books and lunch up to school. Not quite as fancy […]

Pretty Smart Parking

I’m not a big fan of parking lots, too much cement, too many cars. If you have to put in a parking lot, better to put it under a building. Of course that also increases the cost. This car lot caught my eye when I was in Oregon recently though. They have […]

Strawberry Heaven

It will soon be strawberry season. Hang out in this heavenly field made from recycled rain gutters.

Lavender Love In

Okay, after two breathtaking terms at school, I would love to catch my breath here. Saw this on Organic Green Roots Facebook page. It’s located at Cherry Point Farm and Market in Michigan.

Artful Break

I just finished my second term. The last two assignments were each 35 pages long. You’ll excuse me if I take a little break from writing. My next few posts will be faves from postings I’ve seen recently on Facebook. First up – got a dirty wall? Why not hire an artistic […]

Records of the Past

Over the years, as I’ve moved around, my benevolent parents have been the recipients of my overflow. To this day they have some of my furniture, many of my old art projects, Brownie uniforms, Barbie dolls and a cupboard full of records. They also have my old stereo and turntable in their […]