Spring Gillard

Casting a Vote for All

Reposting this from November 2011. There’s a very important federal election tomorrow. Please vote.

I just got back from voting in my municipal election. Every time I vote I get choked up. I guess it’s that “rush of democracy” as one Facebook friend described it this morning.

I remember when I was growing up, my […]


Grateful for the opportunity to vote today in the advance polls. Praying for change, within and without.

You are not the same, nor are you another. – The Buddha

The Buddha is saying that we change from moment to moment. Personality is not cast in a rigid mold; the whole secret of personality […]

Garden in the Village

Sweet little container garden in the middle of Olympic Village. There’s no sign, so don’t know the story behind it. Anyone?

Culture Days

You can take part in more than 50 arts and culture events through this coming weekend in Vancouver. The festival is part of Culture days, celebrated around the province. There will be arts tours, theatre and films, ballet classes, evening candlelight visits to museums, scratch animation workshops. You can even learn how to make a […]

Open Doors

The City is putting on this great event again this year when you can get an insider’s look at some of the civic buildings. The National Works Yard is a LEED Gold building.

Get a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes action inside some of Vancouver’s most popular buildings during Doors Open Vancouver on October […]

The Best

I am very lucky to have two wonderful, eternally young parents. The quote below has always reminded me of my father. You are the best Dad – happy birthday! The commentary after the quote is from Eknath Easwaran’s Thought for the Day.

The best, like water, benefit all and do not compete. They […]


I’ve been visiting Crystalworks for years now. Picking up beautiful gemstones as gifts for friends and for myself. I say visiting, because each time I go I spend time with Susan and her daughters, the owners. Sometimes a couple hours pass, browsing and learning. They have taught me about many of the colourful spheres, flames, […]

Limiting Principles

This was yesterday’s thought for the day. I am using systems theory for my thesis, and E.F. Schumacher (Small is Beautiful, 1973) was one of the early systems thinkers. So was EE. The book Words to Live by, from which the Thought for the Day are excerpted, was first published in 1990.

An attitude to […]

Clicking in to Housing

There’s a showcase of tiny houses at the North Van Shipyard Market on Friday nights. The homes are by CLICK modular. The City of North Van is promoting tiny homes as well as other smaller housing such as coach homes and secondary suites.

Storm FX

Climate change just came to my neighbourhood. The wild wind storm Saturday night uprooted trees all over the city. The soil was so dry it couldn’t hold the roots. The trees were heaved up out of the ground, smashing cars and blocking streets. This is one of the reasons the city always reminds people to […]