Spring Gillard

Balsam Speedway

Since the City of Vancouver closed off Point Grey Road, Balsam Street has become a speedway. Drivers cut up the side street, I suppose to avoid the traffic on MacDonald. Cab drivers are among the new speedsters on my formerly quiet residential street. I wonder if there is going to be any traffic pattern analysis […]

Articulating Speed

I am regularly terrified riding on Translink’s express buses these days. The speed is particularly disturbing in the longer “articulated” buses, which add another 20 feet to the vehicle. The drivers drive them as if they are small sports cars, apparently taking the word “express” as a license to speed. They take corners on two […]

Kafka Love

“German antique doll” by gailf548 – originally posted to Flickr as German Doll. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

I read some Kafka at university – such as the short story, In the Penal Colony. I don’t remember him being exactly uplifting, but this is a wonderful story about […]

Dancing in the Rain

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Sylvain Émard Danse’s Le Grand Continental debuts at the Vancouver 2015 PuSh Festival. 70 Vancouverites of varying ability gather to learn, rehearse and perform in this feel-good civic dance event of the […]

Service or Marketing?

I got this email and a mailed notice warning me that I may lose my Shaw service unless I sign up for their digital box. Funny thing is, I received a similar email a couple years or so ago when they were “upgrading” my neighbourhood to digital. I didn’t buy in then and all my […]

Dragon Fruit

I love working in Chinatown with all the gorgeous and colourful tropical fruits displayed in the markets. Orange persimmons, garnet pomegranates, and the exotic, pink and green Dragon Fruit. This aptly named fruit is also called pitahaya, from the genus Hylocereus – the fruits of several cactus species grown in warm climed countries from Australia […]

Birds, The Musical

Song sheet available on line. All resting notes. Music to my ears.

Not My Scene

I have tried to get in to see the Theory of Everything at the Cineplex 5th Avenue Cinema four times in the last 3 weeks. Gone are the days when people queued up at my neighbourhood theatre to get their tickets, chatting with other theatre goers in line. Everyone buys their tickets on line now. […]

Greece is the Word

A couple of beautiful scenes from Greece thanks to Green Renaissance on Facebook.

Air Patio – Greece. Stone traditional mountain house applying natural hand-made materials respecting the traditional architecture and the environment of Mount Pelion, Greece. By Dimitris Philippitzis

Suspended Cliff Garden at Meteora, Greece. Photo: Whilome via 1001 Gardens


Bike Cafés

Simon Fraser has an interesting talk on Sustainable Transportation coming up as well as a series of Bike Cafés. Check it out.

SFU Philospopher’s Café and The City Program are pleased to introduce a series of Bike Cafés, which will take place along major commuter cycling routes at cyclist friendly coffee bars in Vancouver. This […]