Spring Gillard

Trashing the Waves

Thanks to Green Renaissance for this haunting shot of Indonesian surf champion Dede Suryana riding a wave off Untung Jawa Island, Indonesia. He wasn’t surfing alone. There was a whole lot of trash along for the ride. American surf photographer Zak Noyle captured these alarming images. Let’s hope they send shock waves throughout the world.


Packed to Go

In my student years, I once created a dresser out of cardboard boxes with a bedspread thrown over it. I thought I was quite clever making pull out drawers. But this creation is smart, attractive and a great way to reuse old suitcases. Plus, if there was an earthquake, you could just grab and go. […]

Peas Please

My peas aren’t quite making it home from the garden.

Timely Wisdom

In addition to being summer solstice, today is National Aboriginal Day. I spent Friday morning at the Musqueam celebration. They had a day of festivities planned. In the opening remarks, the very funny MC, Gordon Grant, said we were to tell what we saw and heard. So this is my effort.

I browsed through a […]

Detox Divide

Thanks to gentrification on the downtown eastside, even detox has gotten a face lift.


Detecting Radon


Did you know that radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers? This post is from Lisa Gue, Senior researcher and analyst at the David Suzuki Foundation. Radon wasn’t even on my radar.

Radon has been called “the unfamiliar killer”. Most Canadians have never heard of radon, even though […]

Beautiful Women, Beautiful Game

I went to two Women’s World Cup soccer games on Friday night with some friends who were in from Olympia, Washington. It was my first soccer game ever! The first match was between Switzerland and Ecuador. As one of my neighbours in the stands said, “Only Switzerland showed up.” The score was 10 to 1. […]

Living Architecture

Spotted this in Sharp & Diamond’s newsletter. They were the landscape architects on Mountain Equipment Co-op’s new head office in Vancouver. The write-up is from their website. More photos there too.

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) has officially opened its head office in Vancouver. The four-story building is designed to meet LEED® Platinum standards with a […]


This is a shocking blog post from the David Suzuki Foundation. All the more reason to use natural products. Check out DSF’s website for more information and rate your beauty products on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep.

How much are whiter teeth and smoother skin worth to you? Are they worth the water and […]

Leadership Dance

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This hilarious and brilliant video is not just about one shirtless guy dancing alone, it’s about how a movement is built. As the voice over says. “The first follower transforms the lone […]