Spring Gillard

Look Up

A young friend and I were heading to another friend’s house for dinner recently. We were travelling by bus. When we got off at our stop, we stepped into a very unfamiliar neighbourhood. My friend immediately turned to her phone and began searching for direction. I glanced down at the directions […]

Inherit the Wind

I watched an old classic recently, Inherit the Wind. The 1960 film is based on a true story about a teacher who was presenting Darwin’s theory of evolution in the classroom in the southern U.S. in 1925. The lawyer, played by Spencer Tracy, wins by arguing that all of […]

Super Clean

A Facebook friend shared this photo from’s page. These men are window washers at a children’s hospital in Pittsburgh. Couldn’t find a photo credit. Don’t you just love super heroes?


My Lucky Day

I have a weekend off unexpectedly, the first in a very long time. One of my professors scrapped our final assignment. Some kind of miracle. So I had time to play. My friend Megan and I went for a swim at Kits pool, lunched at my place, then headed out for […]

Dockside Green

When I attended the education congress in Victoria recently, I also fit in a visit to Dockside Green. I’ve been following the development of this sustainable community since it was still on the drawing board. The Vancity team (the credit union owns the development) gave us a fabulous, in-depth tour of […]

Strathcona Loama

The Strathcona Business Improvement Association is now selling the compost they are producing in their resource park on the eastside of Vancouver. Food scraps are collected from local businesses and processed on-site in the impressive rotating Jora composters. Mission Possible staffs the composting and recycling program; the local social enterprise employs people with […]

Forgive Me Father

All week, CBC Radio has been running a segment on superhero fathers and listeners have been calling in with their moving stories. Many of my Dad superhero stories include my Wonder Woman mother right alongside him. But, when I was in Victoria recently, a few father-specific moving moments flooded into my mind. And […]

Dee Premiere

I’m going to see my friend Deirdre in a play tonight. Dee, as I call her, is one of my best girls in the building. At our new year’s gathering she told us she was going to try some things that scared her in 2013. Now Deirdre has a dry and wicked sense […]

Victorian Bathroom

My friends know that I have a thing for bathrooms. Compost toilets of course and double seated outhouses, but I also happen to know where the nicest bathrooms in Vancouver are (my current fave is the Cactus Club in West Van). I suppose it’s my preoccupation with waste in general, but wherever […]

It’s About Time

When I was in Victoria for an education conference last week, I met up with my old friend and roommate from my undergrad days at the university there. Claire and I had lived near each other just outside of Penticton during high school so we hung out a bit […]