Spring Gillard

This Little Piggy

My mom was complaining about the tomatoes she picked this summer at an organic farm in the Okanagan. The farm used to be conventional, but converted in the last few years. It wasn’t just the higher prices that bothered her, she said the skins were tough and the fruit was slow to ripen on the […]

Stanley Park Farmyard Reborn?

Back in December 2009, I wrote a post on food hubs and floated the idea of resurrecting the Stanley Park Farmyard as a west end food hub, complete with chickens, and an urban farm. The Vancouver Park Board had just cut this popular children’s attraction from its budget, closing it in January 2010. Then they […]

War on Food Waste

I’m not usually impressed by all the wars being waged in the world. But here’s one I can get behind. This week there was, in fact, very good news on the food recovery front, as reported in the New York Times Green blog. The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) is joining the fight to prevent perfectly […]

Just One Day

As a vegetarian, I do not usually write about meat. But this week two articles prompted me to break my rule. One of my Facebook friends posted an environmental analysis of proteins by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). With partner CleanMetrics, they did a lifecycle assessment of twenty different items: lamb, pork, beef but also […]

Shredding the Past

I’ve been sorting through some old tax files, trying to clear some space in my life. I expected it to be a tedious job, full of boring old tax forms and cheque stubs. What I wasn’t expecting was the life review that would take place. A lot has happened in the last dozen years. Many […]

Maintaining Balance

One of my dearest friends became a senior-ita this week (her joke). To celebrate her milestone birthday, I took her on a bike ride. Kath hadn’t been on a bike for a couple decades at least, and it was on her wish list. I figured she’d be pretty wobbly to start and directed her to […]

Frances Moore Lappe in Vancouver – Yes Please!

During my City Farmer years, I was invited to speak at various gardening and food-related events and conferences around North America, so I got to meet a lot of people, see some of their projects first hand, and expand my little composting world. I began to think more about hunger: why amid such plenty in […]

Hitting the Mother Lode

After I got back from the Okanagan, I made a giant pot of ratatouille. At the garden the next day, I was telling my fellow gardeners about it. “It was so good, I couldn’t stop eating it,” I said. This was not a boast, it was amazement that I could make something so delicious. I […]