Spring Gillard

Redesigning the Economy

For those who think there isn’t a viable alternative to the present economic model, I would urge you to study Paul Hawken’s restorative plan that is laid out brilliantly in the Ecology of Commerce (Harper Business, Revised Edition, 2010). I know I keep harping on this book, but seriously, it’s all there. Here’s another fabulous […]

Green Fees

No this is not about what you pay for a round of golf, this is about a sensible way to integrate external costs into the price of a product. Paul Hawken explains in the Ecology of Commerce (Harper Business, Revised Edition, 2010, p. 145).

The main function of green taxes is not to raise revenue […]

Tells Us Something

In a recent phone conversation with my parents, I was telling them how I hadn’t received my Shaw statement in the mail, the second time in five months. The first time I called Shaw to report it, they blamed Canada Post and said I should go after them. They refused to send […]

Mayne Lining

I got a rip snortin’ deal on Groupon for a two-night stay at the Mayne Island Resort. Now I’m trying to get there and BC Ferries is not making it easy for me. I’m going mid-week and my options for a direct sailing are 10:10 in the morning or 7:20 at night. Alternatively, I could […]

If the Shoe Fits

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I have a thing for shoes. I worked in a shoe store when I was in my […]

Warning Tears

If you haven’t seen the impassioned plea from the chief negotiator for the Philippines at the UN climate talks in Warsaw yet, watch it now below. Yeb Sano appealed for international cooperation the day after another typhoon slammed his country. We are watching the devastating effects of Haiyan nightly on the news. Only 11 months […]

Earth Manifesto

My prolific friend David Tracey has just written another book: The Earth Manifesto. The launch for his latest creation is tonight at People’s Co-op Bookstore in Vancouver. Here’s a description of the book in David’s own words,

“The Earth Manifesto is meant to be an antidote to the dread many of us feel when taking […]

Salmon See Daylight

Good news on the salmon front last week. Chum salmon returned to the very urban Still Creek for the second year in a row. Many folks are involved in the continuing restoration and enhancement of this creek including the City of Vancouver, City of Burnaby, BCIT, Still Moon Arts Society to name a […]

Something to Remember

A human being is part of the whole, called by us “universe,” a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separate from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires […]

Craft & Culture

Tis the rainy season. Fortunately, there’s brightness on the horizon with the advent of craft fairs and culture crawls. I’m heading to Circle Craft tonight to start my Christmas shopping. (Right, last time a friend and I did the craft fair circuit we bought more for ourselves than anyone else.) This five-day market […]