Spring Gillard

Ecological Succession

I’m rereading Paul Hawken’s Ecology of Commerce. I’m searching for a quote I know I read the first time through where he defines what true capitalism is (he claims we haven’t actually tried it yet). The book is so brilliant; I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it. Here’s just one example […]

Blown Away

On my run the other day I was blown away by how many leaf blowers I saw. Homeowners and hired gardeners were blowing perfectly good leaves off the garden areas out from under shrubs and trees. Why oh why aren’t they leaving them in place? Does bare dirt really look tidier? Used […]

Bitcoin: A New Monetary System?

My ears perked up when I first heard about Bitcoin on CBC TV’s The National. Bitcoin is virtual money or internet currency. It’s been around since 2009, but there was a flurry of news reports this week when the company installed its first ATM machine at Waves Café on Howe in Vancouver. Here’s how it […]