Spring Gillard

Circular Economy

Saw this blurb on waste reduction in the Greenest City newsletter. Metro’s Zero Waste conference will focus on the circular economy – sometimes called cradle to cradle. In other words, you plan for the recycling/reuse of the product during the development stage. Looks interesting.

Did you know we throw away over 80,000 potatoes a day […]

Cut Out Waste

There’s a great feature on food waste in the August issue of Alive Magazine. Here’s an excerpt, but there’s much more if you click on the link.

In Canada, we throw away more food per year than Africa produces. This figure may seem shocking, but there’s no denying the cost of food waste—nearly $31 billion […]

Watch Your Waste

Many years ago I recall telling a Metro Van staffer that if they really wanted people to compost, they should ban organics from the landfill. She laughed. Not going to happen. Well lookee here. Although with all this infrastructure and convenient pick up, sadly the numbers of backyard composters are diminishing. At any rate, try […]

Cutting Waste to the Bone

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Gibsons Recycling Depot & Resource Recovery Centre has added a new piece of equipment. As of December 21, 2014, they are now accepting clean (no plastic or any non organic material) food […]


I booked a compost workshop at my community garden for tonight – before I knew I was getting a new, full time job. So the question was, do I cart all of my composting supplies with me to work or try to rush home before heading to the garden for 6pm. I decided that carrying […]

Cash Crops

Back in 2004, in a keynote speech for the American Community Gardening Association in Toronto, I pitched a great fundraising idea for compost demonstration gardens. These education gardens were scattered around North America, many of which were geared to urban agriculture. There’s no money in food I argued, we should grow grass. And by grass […]

Ready, Set, Garden

I bought seeds this week. On the weekend I’ll be heading to my community garden to get my plot prepped. Here’s my to do list:

•spread composted manure that was delivered last weekend

•trim herbs

•pull some weeds and compost

•rake up […]


I got a shock the other day when I walked by my old stomping grounds at 2150 Maple Street, the site of the compost garden where I used to work. The city-owned “SPEC” building was gone. Not a speck left. It was condemned due to all the mold, and the decision was made to demolish […]

Miss Demeanour

As of January 1, residents of Vancouver who live in multi-family dwellings (apartment buildings, condominiums) can put their food scraps into their yard trimmings bin. It’s hard for me not to be policing our bin in the back alley and I’ve noticed a few misdemeanours already. For those of you new to the […]

Blown Away

On my run the other day I was blown away by how many leaf blowers I saw. Homeowners and hired gardeners were blowing perfectly good leaves off the garden areas out from under shrubs and trees. Why oh why aren’t they leaving them in place? Does bare dirt really look tidier? Used […]