Spring Gillard

Mat Leaf

This is my Halloween costume today. Two place mats joined together and draped over my shoulders with some decorative leaves attached here and there. A diaper pin dangling from one ear. I wonder how long it will take my work colleagues to guess that I am a “maternity leave” or mat leave for short. If […]

Canned Love

I change over the tinned food in my earthquake kit a couple times a year. So what to do with canned fruit? I pulled out one of my Granny’s recipes. She used to make these carrot pineapple muffins for me every time I came for a visit. She’s been gone for some time now, but […]

Shut the Front Door?

Given the events of this week on Parliament Hill, Naomi Klein’s talk tonight seems even more critical. I’m reprinting Elizabeth May’s newsletter. Read the last two paragraphs in particular when the leader of Canada’s Green Party refers to how politicians will often use these moments of crisis to curb democracy, not advance it. It is […]

Learning is in our Hands

My research is focused on experiential learning and now I am also working in a place that is steeped in learning by doing. This image and text was floating around on Facebook this week. I tried to find the original source, but it has been touched by too many hands. If anyone does know who […]

Naomi Klein

Thanks to a dear friend, who stood in a line-up in the rain yesterday, I am one of the lucky ones going to Naomi Klein’s event on Sunday night at UBC’s Chan Centre. She’s promoting her latest book. Good to see such a great response. Another friend, who wasn’t so lucky, took this photo.

This […]

A Sticky Issue

I participated in the Coffee Cup Revolution a couple weeks ago, an event put on by The Binners Project and community partners. I arrived at 8:45. The event didn’t officially start til 9:30, but there was already quite a line forming. Binners were eager to trade in their used coffee cups for some hard earned […]

Free Movie Day

Looks like a great (rainy) day to sit in a Cineplex movie theatre. It’s community day and movies are free. Popcorn, candy and drinks go for two bucks a pop with 100% of the proceeds going to Free the Children.

Farm Truck

Look what I found on one of my lunch time explorations. The Strathcona Truck Farm was inspired by a similar project in Brooklyn. You can read all about the truck and their urban seed project here.

Feast for All

This seems like a good event to promote on a weekend when we are all feasting. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Feast Worldwide is a day of global dinner parties in 40+ cities across 6 continents. The goal? To spark collaboration that drives local entrepreneurs and social initiatives forward. More information here.

On October 18, we’re inviting […]

Magic in the Air

As I rode to work yesterday morning, I was thinking that I needed to get some air in my tires. When and where could I do it? I wondered. It’s not as convenient anymore now that so many gas stations charge for their air. Then as I was approaching Science World I saw a cluster […]