Spring Gillard

Cornwall Speedway

As I sat waiting for the bus today at the Cornwall/Balsam street stop, I saw several vehicles run the red light. This is the very corner that I was almost creamed on. The scrapes the car made on the light post are a constant reminder for me. A friend, who also had a close call […]

My Little Champignon

Four years ago tomorrow, my little nephew was born. I was home with my family, watching the Olympics while on baby watch. We were glued to the television, becoming experts in curling, speed skating, ice dance, biathlon and waiting. We loved every second, but always with an ear tipped towards the phone. Little Red Ryder […]

Under the Affluence

This week, the Vancouver Park Board decided to scrap their plan to put a new bike path through Hadden Park on Kitsilano Beach, even though it was supposedly “a done deal.” Good for them! The public input may not have been contained within the boundaries of their official public consultation, but they listened […]

Sustainability Served up at SFU

There are some super sustainability offerings coming up at Simon Fraser University. The first two courses below are part of the certificate program that I’m involved in. The third is a free lecture on transportation with national columnist Andrew Coyne. Check them out.

Community Food Systems

Mar 7-8, 2014

9 am-5:30 pm


Instructors: Janine […]

Likes & Dislikes

I saw this development sign up at UBC the other day, propped up in a wide open field. Oh, no I thought, not another building taking up green space. When I got closer and read that it was a new aquatic centre, I thought, oh goodie, a new pool to swim in! […]


UBC Point Grey Campus

A mural appearing out of nowhere. Materializing as the long blank wall of the building came into my view. As if in protest of its blankness. So delicate. Ephemeral. As if it would wash away in the next rain.


Concentrated Love

This is the January 15th thought for the day from modern day mystic Eknath Easwaran. I thought it fit Valentine’s Day very well too. The pink trees picture has nothing to do with parrots or one-pointed attention, but I do love it! Thank you to Blue Pueblo via the Green Renaissance Facebook page.

When […]

Step Up

Back in 2005, I pitched an idea for a series of regional and international sustainability tours to Mark Roseland at the SFU Centre For Sustainable Community Development (CSCD). We developed “Green Scenes” and promoted it at the World Urban Forum in June of 2006. One thing led to another, and that tour program morphed into […]

Miss Demeanour

As of January 1, residents of Vancouver who live in multi-family dwellings (apartment buildings, condominiums) can put their food scraps into their yard trimmings bin. It’s hard for me not to be policing our bin in the back alley and I’ve noticed a few misdemeanours already. For those of you new to the […]


I attended a two-day workshop at UBC Robson Square this week. I skipped out at lunch to go see the Emily Carr in Haida Gwaii exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery, but was kind of wishing I’d brought my skates. Refreshing lunch time options at this downtown campus!