Spring Gillard

Stormy Waters


The UBC campus has been crawling with cranes and construction workers since I started school last fall. One project that is just about complete is University Boulevard with its storm water management features. The central water feature is a fountain that dances to the rhythm of life on campus, all while circulating […]


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I spent last Sunday afternoon in the garden and away from school assignments. […]


I first saw this intriguing photo on Facebook. It’s from a series of four articles by Joe Clancy who looks at the role of Biophilia in landscape architecture. I had no idea what biophilia was, so I read the articles. Clancy defines the word, which I understand as our relationship and connectedness […]

The Art of Transport

I saw this photo on a Facebook site called Art & Sculpture. The site description says the photos are by Anil Bhimsaria, Sabrina Lewis and other professional photographers and artists. There was no credit for this one of Vietnamese locals carrying fish to a Saigon market on bicycles. The fish are encased […]

The Corporate Climb

I saw these UBC recreation students climbing a wall on campus the other day. Apparently they are raising funds for cancer research. Then I saw the logos. There’s a growing body of evidence, yes scientific even, that links diet and cancer. I guess because UBC is only “A Place of Mind,” the […]

Landfill Bin

I spotted this recycling station at the False Creek Community Centre. I love that the third bin – for everything that can’t go in the other two – is labeled landfill. It’s a good reminder that that’s where our garbage goes.

Moss Carpet

I love seeing front yards, backyards and boulevards full of food crops. But I admit that grass has its place; kids can’t run around on the garden. I am mystified by the attack on moss though. People spend a lot of money to try to rid their lawns of this beautiful soft […]

Red Light Runners

I almost bit the dust today. I had just finished a run in the pouring rain along Kits Beach and was standing at the NW corner of Cornwall and Balsam waiting for the light to turn. I saw a black car barreling west along Cornwall Street. I glanced up, the light was yellow, but […]

Good Reminder

I saw this on Facebook recently, from The Unknown; but not hidden, with this beautiful photo by Hugh Sitton. I found the original blog post here. I thought it was worth repeating.

So the story is that in this particular African tribe when someone behaves badly, gets involved in some harmful or criminal activity, […]

Doubly Wasteful

Have you seen those Cottonelle TV commercials that try to make you feel unclean for not using flushable moist wipes in addition to toilet paper? Holy crap! As if flushing paper down the drain isn’t taxing enough for our sewer system, now we should add moist wipes as well? Waste isn’t the […]