Spring Gillard

Festival du Bois

I’ve been trying to get to Festival du Bois for the last few years. This year, a friend and I planned to go opening day of this fun French festival. But, when we looked on the website, it didn’t seem like much was happening on Friday. Maillardville’s giant music festival celebrates Quebecois […]

Working Collaboratively

For the last week or so I’ve been working on a group project for one of my courses on adult program planning. Each group was to immerse themselves in a specific planning model and then plan and conduct a 50 to 75 minute class. We would receive a group mark for this assignment.


All About Impact

A few years ago I attended a workshop on networking put on by Vancouver Coastal Health for our network of food networks. The keynote speaker was Barbara McMillan. I’ll never forget the story she opened with. Her daughter Lauryn was working in a small village in Africa and had been hurt in a motorcycle accident. […]

Supporting Role

Joyce Murray is my current federal member of parliament (MP). I do not belong to the Liberal Party of Canada, nor any political party for that matter, but I do think Joyce is doing a very good job representing us. She’s an advocate for the environment and climate change, an experienced business […]

Singularly Un-Cellular

Last week Canadian Press contacted me to do an interview. They’d found my blog. And no they didn’t want to talk to me about food security, or find out if I was in the sustainability camp or the resilience camp. They didn’t even want to get advice on composting. They wanted to talk to me […]

A Woman in School

Photo credit: CW4WAfghan

I am a woman and I go to school. Although I feel privileged to be going to school at my age, there is nothing extraordinary about that statement. Not in Canada. Not in the United States, nor in many other countries. But, if you are a woman or […]

In the Ghetto

I was walking along science row at UBC with a school buddy last week and he started pointing out the state-of-the-art buildings. Earth and Ocean Sciences, Beatty Biodiversity Museum (the one with the blue whale in the atrium), Aquatic Ecosystems Research Laboratory, one after the other, state-of-the art green buildings.

“And look […]

Sweet News

I got some sweet news this week in my inbox. New Society Publishers was bought by Douglas and McIntyre a few years ago. Now, sadly, that publisher has filed for bankruptcy. But the good news is, because New Society is its own legal entity, the original owners, Chris and Judith Plant, were […]

Warning Signs

Spotted this in the bathroom at the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability at UBC. Sometimes the liability police take their jobs a little too seriously.

The Toothpick Question

I went to a UBC sustainability event yesterday on integrating sustainability into curriculum. It was sponsored by the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability and the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. As it was over lunch, the organizers were kindly feeding us. Julian Gonzalez was the guest speaker. He has a […]