Spring Gillard

Gift Rapt

I was showered with surprising gifts this week. First I got some unexpected time off at work. Then I was the only one who showed up for my restorative yoga class and I was given a deeply relaxing private session. But best of all was when my dear friend Megan arrived at my house yesterday […]

Twirling Flakes

Two colleagues who hail from the U.K. swear that their chocolate is better than our chocolate. One of them brought samples back from a recent trip to Scotland. Flake has ridiculously sensual ads to emphasize the way the chocolate falls apart when you bite into it. Think Aero only with flakes not bubbles. The Twirl, […]


I’ve discovered a wonderful website called Center for Ecoliteracy. The non-profit focuses on ecological education for K-12 and operates out of the David Brower Center in Berkeley, California. They promote a systems-thinking approach to sustainability which uses nature as its inspiration. Many of you sustainability folks will already be familiar with the site and the […]

Petal Pusher

These pretty petals were being pushed around on Facebook this week. No idea of the original source of the photo, but it’s a lovely quote from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881 – 1955), a French philosopher and Jesuit priest. Many of his writings were censored by the Catholic church during his lifetime. He wrote The […]

November Crawl

The Eastside Culture Crawl is upon us again. I’m heading out with some colleagues after work tonight. We’ll cover the Strathcona art studios and likely pop into the Wilder Snail for some food and shelter from the wind and rain that is forecast. Unfortunately, the Ukranian Hall isn’t open on Friday night, but they will […]

Festive Sushi

Now that the seasonal potlucks and parties are beginning, I’ve pulled out a few of my favourite holiday recipes. Love this festive sushi. It’s just mashed yams or sweet potatoes and a layer of cranberries spread onto seaweed sheets. Roll them up and then cut into bite-sized “maki.” You can spice up the yams if […]

Spirit World Speaks

Prompted by a curiosity I had about 20 year cycles, I have been rereading my journals from 1994. During that year I was in Tofino doing some film work and quite serendipitously connected with some relatives I didn’t know I had. They are connected to the Cree bloodline that runs through my Dad’s side of […]

Vote Quotes

Just listening to CBC’s Early Edition. Two guest bloggers talking about why we should get out and vote. One of the bloggers admitted she gets kind of weepy every time she casts a vote. Me too. I am always struck by the privilege of it. Get out and vote in your civic election tomorrow. Here […]


From my bus window. Granville Street. Downtown Vancouver.

Best Breakfast Ever

I went to Yolk’s for breakfast this week with my work gang to mark the end of our 15th Anniversary celebrations. Best breakfast ever – outside of my parents place that is. I had two eggs with Portobello mushroom, aioli and fresh arugula on English muffins, dusted with white cheddar. I split a side of […]