Gift Rapt

quiltI was showered with surprising gifts this week. First I got some unexpected time off at work. Then I was the only one who showed up for my restorative yoga class and I was given a deeply relaxing private session. But best of all was when my dear friend Megan arrived at my house yesterday with this beautiful quilt that she had made for me. Each square was something I love, she said. French. Swimming. Coffee. Chocolate. Cycling. Gardening. Cheese. Dogs. Saving the planet. Hedgehogs. Ice cream. Whales. Shoes. Water. Beaucoup de café, mais oui. Paris. And in anticipation of completing my MA, a graduation cap. All in my current favourite colour palette of teals and browns.

But the more I look at it, the more I see that every square tells a story of our friendship too, the things we have in common, evoking memories of the wonderful and deliciously silly times we’ve shared over the years. Curled up on the couch tonight, I am wrapped up in the warmth and delight of this longtime friendship.

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