Twirling Flakes

flkaeTwo colleagues who hail from the U.K. swear that their chocolate is better than our chocolate. One of them brought samples back from a recent trip to Scotland. Flake has ridiculously sensual ads to emphasize the way the chocolate falls apart when you bite into it. Think Aero only with flakes not bubbles. The Twirl, is essentially a Flake, with an extra layer of chocolate binding all the flakes together. Both are made by Cadbury. I tried one of each of course, and my U.K. colleagues are right, the chocolate is creamier, and has more flavour. The stuff you buy off the shelves here (Cadbury or other common brands) is waxy and artificial tasting. Someone else did a rather unscientific taste test of some of the leading bars in the U.K. and the U.S. and agrees there is a big difference. Why? Turns out the difference has a lot to do with the manufacturing process. Googling around, I found a very good explanation here. The author even explains the “throw up taste” common in some chocolate – especially Hershey brand in my opinion. My solution is to not buy the cheap stuff. You may recall my motto: If you’re going to drown, drown in the Ganges.

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