Spring Gillard

Talking Food Security in Kelowna

Many years ago now, I met Ruth Mellor when she came to the compost garden where I used to work. I paid her a visit in Kelowna to see her community garden at the back of the Unitarian Church, the only one in Kelowna at the time. Ruth and the gardeners wanted to expand and […]

To Give or Not to Give?

CBC Almanac Interview Tuesday, August 25, 12:30pm PDT

We (the Westside Food Security Collaborative) did our first pocket market on Friday at the South Granville Seniors Centre in Vancouver and it was a great success for a first effort. The seniors who came were very enthusiastic about the markets and happily bought up the purple […]

River Quest and the Case of the Missing Fins

I have been working with the Rivershed Society of BC (RSBC) for nearly three years now. The group looks at sustainability through the lens of salmon and water. I was a little shocked at first to find myself working with a bunch of hunters and fishers. I was a vegetarian after all and not the […]

Pocket Size Solutions

The Vancouver Courier, one of our community papers wrote a piece on our “pocket” markets this week. We, the Westside Food Security Collaborative are doing our first pilot market at the South Granville Seniors Center on August 21st from 10 to noon. It’s all part of our work to help bring fresh food closer to […]

August Offerings

I’m sure many of you are waking up each morning, rushing to your computers to check to see if I’ve put up my August event listings yet. So, sorry to keep you on pins and needles. As there are only two offerings this August, I will just post them here. The first is another backyard […]

At the Corner Store

David and I had just wrapped up the previous podcast with Cam, our backyard farmer when we came across this old-fashioned looking corner market. It’s called The Home Grow-In Grocer and they sell nothing but Made in BC products. Not only that, but they have a trust policy that is rare in the city. We […]

Falling Through the Cracks: Westside Seniors Going Hungry

We were speechless. We were the Westside Food Security Collaborative (WFSC), a group of service providers, groups and citizens concerned about food issues in our community. We’d been meeting monthly in Kitsilano for about three years now and always had plenty to say around the table. But even with all that talking, we couldn’t answer […]