Spring Gillard

Groovy Granola

I know, two recipes in a row. It’s a sure sign of my busy-ness when that starts happening. I’m adjusting to working full time, writing my MA thesis on weekends, and keeping up with household chores. This great time-saving and delicious recipe comes from my good friend Megan. I make a big batch of her […]

Chili Weather


We had a potluck today at work to send off some wonderful co-op students who are heading back to school. One of my colleagues brought this amazing veggie chili. He found it on a blog called Food Wishes. With the weather turning, it is starting to feel like chili time. Roasting […]

Park This Policy?

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I had lunch in the park near work one afternoon and spotted this man having a snooze on the bench. Then I noticed the sign right in front of us. I wonder why it’s okay to sleep on a bench during the day, but not at night. Anyone?

Pirate Ship?

Looks like the Dread Pirate Roberts is docked at the Vancouver Maritime Museum near the dog beach in Kitsilano. I am intrigued by this contraption which appears to have some “green” features. Perhaps some water collection capacity? A compost toilet? Would love to know more if anyone has details.

Just got this update from the […]

White Light

I ran into a White Party last night on my ride home from work. Or that’s what I thought it was until I did a little more research. There was a cluster of bright whites gathering around my Solar Bike Tree. Other white-clad folks carrying picnic baskets and coolers spread throughout the park around Science […]

Fruit & Veggie Deal

Starting in Sept, you can subscribe to a monthly low cost fruit and veggie box. There are two sizes – the small box is $14-$17 and the large $20-23 – based on a sliding scale. You can pick up your fresh produce box from Steeves Manor, Linden Tree Place or UBC.

This program is run […]

A Different Kind of Mediation

I came across this beautiful essay by Zenobia Barlow from the Center for Ecoliteracy. It is her address to graduates of their sustainability leadership academy in 2009/10, the year of the Transocean/BP Oil spill on the Gulf Coast. In the address, she refers to the Okanagan Four Societies Model or En’owkin. The model is […]

Cooking with Three Sisters

Looks like a fabulous workshop this weekend at UBC Farm with the Mayan gardeners. A Three Sisters garden contains squash and beans and corn. You will be working with those garden fresh ingredients in the kitchen. Here’s the info.

Traditional Maya Cooking Workshop

Members of the Maya-in-Exile Garden at the UBC Farm invite you […]

Recycle All Your Plastics

Westsiders can drop off all the plastics that don’t go in the recycling bins at a convenient depot in Kitsilano. If you miss the Thursday, you can also drop off at Lord Byng School on the third Saturday of every month. It’s on August 16th this month. Here’s what you can bring.

Soft plastics […]

The Enemy Within

I read this the other morning. Seems like an important message for our times. Working on the violence within ourselves is the best place to start.

One who conquers himself is greater than another who conquers a thousand times a thousand men on the battlefield. [Dhammapada, 103]

As long as we attack others under the […]