One year I started collecting ceramic and pottery mugs. I thought they would make functional keepsakes. A useful way to hold a memory from a trip or a special weekend outing with a friend. But the cupboard is full. Time to cull a few before I add a pink one […] Read More

Little Boxes

I have a pretty collection of little boxes. Some of them laquered, some bejewelled. Each one has a story of course. Gifts from friends. Momentos from special trips. Each box contains something different. Angel cards in one. My Grandad’s medals in another. Tiny shells and pieces of seaglass. Rings. Odds […] Read More


I have had a pink year. Pink is not the colour I usually gravitate to, but this year I was feeling it strongly. And so when I celebrated a recent milestone birthday, my friends showered me in pink gifts. Soft pink hats and socks, fluffy key chains, pastel candies, even […] Read More