Table Toppings

Pretty little dishes adorn my table topsBrimming with soy sauce and capers, dangly earrings and hoops A sparkling mix of condiments and jewelleryReminiscent of so many heart-to-hearts floating across these surfacesTime to spark new conversations. Free verse, based on Little Dishes.

Collection of Collections

Pretty floral boxes, brimming with hats. Russian fox, bright exotic turbans, nifty Nordics Warm and woollie toques and fluffy ear muffs You can trace my life back through what I wore atop my head. Stories safely boxed in and held dear. I have great affection for this collection of collections. […] Read More

Tales to Tell

They’ve had quite the lifeThese pencils I’ve collectedSome are quite ordinary lengths, some well-used stubs.Others have flare, pencils disguised as pensOne has been carved from a giant twig.Oh the tales these pencils have told and have yet to tell. Free verse, based on Pencils.