Rocks & Shells

In addition to my previous rock collection, I have another grouping of rocks that I picked up on trips, along with shells and bits of bark and other seashore and forest treasures. The problem is I can’t remember which shell came from which beach, or which rock from which trail. […] Read More

Gem Stones

I collect gem stones: rose quartz, amethyst, celestite, aquamarine, selenite. Others I will have to look up to recall. The rock with the beads is a gift from a friend from Huston. I have given a few away to my nephew who was a budding geologist when he was younger. […] Read More


I’m getting ready for a summer kayak trip. Flashlights are always on the packing list. This is not an overabundant collection. I did have to recycle my beloved purple flashlight recently though. I left the batteries in it too long and they exploded. Despite many attempts to clean it out […] Read More

Summer Shoes

I have a lot of collections in my bedroom closet. Aside from flip flops, there are the summer shoes. Sandals, canvas slip ons, flats and wedges. Some suitable for work, some for dress. Some reminiscent of trips: to New York, to India. The latter ones I never really wear, but […] Read More

Flip Flops

  We used to call these summer shoes thongs, but of course that term has been usurped. I’m a flip flop fanatic and wear them all summer long. That has resulted in flat feet and plantar facsiitis on occasion. I have flip flops for all purposes and in all colours. […] Read More