Candle Opera

Farewell sacred vessels of soft burning lightThe glow from your flame has long gone outThe love of your tapered frame I will missRomance, igniting my olden soulAh, the misguided ache to love againDivine one, please welcome this molten meSnuff out this burning desireLet the excitement and sorrows waneWhile the candelabra […] Read More

Knapsack on my Back

I have stories strapped to my backLugging memories aroundLeather gifts from my brotherCamping trips, lost loves, painful crossingsAdventures in forest and sea, over big landI’m not always a happy wanderer,shedding attachments as I roamI step onto a thresholdI’m travelling more lightly nowBut will it be enough to venture, unencumbered into […] Read More

The Wishing Well

Memories packed up in little bottles and boxesSoapy liquids and creamy semi-solidsLathering up all the shame and blameDown the drainThe wishy washy hands of religionIn the tidy little business of cleansing soulsSudsy claims of healing hearts and broken mindsToss your wishes into a different wellWhere dignity and beauty dwellThe well […] Read More

Jar Rings

Free verse. Based on Jar Lids. Jingle Bells. Merry Christmas! It was jarring, ja-ja-jarringTo find a drawer full of lidsPlastic coating clogging my jamIt’s one thing to need a spareQuite another to jam a jar fullTossing them into the metals recycling bin The ring was ja-ja-jarringJust put a lid on […] Read More


One year I started collecting ceramic and pottery mugs. I thought they would make functional keepsakes. A useful way to hold a memory from a trip or a special weekend outing with a friend. But the cupboard is full. Time to cull a few before I add a pink one […] Read More