Spring Gillard

Too Tart

I bought myself a yummy pumpkin tart from Terra Breads over Thanksgiving. But the liner left a bad taste in my mouth. They used to use tin cupcake liners, which are recyclable. Now they are using a plasticized paper shell, which is not. The “retail performance” manager informed me that they do use compostable takeout […]

Viaduct Vote

This week City Council will be making a crucial decision on the future of the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts. After five years of study, consultation, and engagement, the City is on the verge of a once-in-a-generation city-building opportunity for Vancouver. Click here to find out more about the viaducts proposal.


Mystery Box

I was finally able to solve the mystery of this giant wooden box on the UBC Campus. It’s the Temporary Energy Centre, part of UBC’s Academic District Energy System steam to hot water conversion project. Inside the wood enclosure are two temporary boilers producing hot water for the district heating system. Using these efficient boilers […]

Circular Economy

Saw this blurb on waste reduction in the Greenest City newsletter. Metro’s Zero Waste conference will focus on the circular economy – sometimes called cradle to cradle. In other words, you plan for the recycling/reuse of the product during the development stage. Looks interesting.

Did you know we throw away over 80,000 potatoes a day […]

Pier to Peace

Get away from it all. Island House Living, Finland. Thanks to Green Renaissance.

Floating Cabin

Saw this on Green Renaissance’s Facebook page. It’s on Kinbasket Lake in the Kootenays, British Columbia. Wonder if they have a compost toilet on board.

NEU Energy

The city is expanding the neighbourhood energy utility (NEU) beyond Olympic Village to the Great Northern Way Campus. The NEU provides heat and hot water to buildings in the South East False Creek neighbourhood. It is the first utility in North America to use waste heat recovered from untreated urban waste water. Greenhouse gas emissions […]

Summer Heat

A reminder about the current water restrictions in Vancouver. This is from the Greenest City newsletter.

The record low snowpack on the mountains this spring is a reminder that potable water, even in our typically rainy climate, is a precious resource. Lawn watering restrictions are now in effect through September 30. Restrictions help to conserve […]

Chilling Premise

Derrick Jensen, an author, teacher activist and small farmer wrote a book called Endgame, The problem of civilization, Volume 1. It is 451 pages long and pretty dense reading. But in the front of the book he lists 20 premises of our current civilization that pretty much summarize the contents. The premises are shocking and […]

Grey Water Time

In the early 1990s, I read a little booklet on grey water systems by Robert Kourik. Kourik has gone on to become a widely published landscaping expert. I see on his blog that he now mostly confines “grey water” to legal applications. As we are in a period of drought and our premier is busy […]