Spring Gillard

Rare Bird

We spotted a rare bird during our SFU tour on Saturday. No, not one of the 50 or so species that have returned to the area now that there’s a wetland at Olympic Village. As we were discussing the neighbourhood energy utility under the Cambie Street bridge, I spotted a woman at […]

See How We’ve Grown

We’ll be heading to the Resource Park during our SFU tour on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing the Jora composting system in action!

Food Prize Bugs Me

I heard on the news last night that a group of McGill grad students won a million dollars in the Hult Prize social entrepreneurs competition to solve the global food crisis. The Clinton Global Initiative is a key partner and Clinton was there to present the cheque. Their entry: feed people bugs, help […]

BC Farm Museum

Fort Langley is the birthplace of BC; the Fort Langley National Historic Site of Canada is a popular attraction for visitors and locals. However, it was the BC Farm Museum that drew a friend and me to Fort Langley a couple weekends ago. We went to see my friend Kate’s exhibit called Handmade to Handheld. […]

Political Poison

I re-read the Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver this summer. It’s one of my all time favourite books. I remember the first time I read it, I felt as if I was in Africa with the Prices, a Baptist missionary family from Georgia. I could hear and smell the Congo. The second time through I […]

Chillin’ with Animals

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Thanks to the Green Renaissance Facebook page for these “ahhh” moments. Didn’t see any photo credits. Alpacas […]

Seeds on Sunday

We had a great time at our community garden seed saving workshop on Saturday in Kitsilano. I was really struck by how much of a community we really are. David Catzel, our workshop leader talked to us about planning to grow for seed, especially the ones that require larger populations to maintain good […]

Our Greenest Guy

I am a member of the Security & Sustainability Forum (SSF). Their tag line is: Convening Global Experts to Guide Decision Making. The public interest organization offers free webinars and radio shows on climate change, food and water security, public health, economic vitality and more. Their next webinar features none other than […]

Prize Zucchini

When I got back from holidays, my garden was heaving with zucchinis. Guess my garden caretaker isn’t a zuke fan. One of the summer squashes was so big I had trouble carrying the eight-pounder home. I wasn’t able to get it to the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) in time for the judging, and had no […]

Stir Sticks


You might wonder why there’s pasta in the condiment section at Ike’s CafĂ© on the UBC campus. More and more environmentally conscious restaurants are providing this compostable stir stick, instead of the unsustainable plastic or wood varieties. UBC provides a full composting pick up service, including organics to any faculty or department […]