Spring Gillard

A Wise Perspective

The best indicator of your level of consciousness is how you deal with life’s challenges when they come. Through those challenges, an already unconscious person tends to become more deeply unconscious, and a conscious person more intensely conscious. You can use a challenge to awaken you, or you can allow it to pull […]

Unlearning Walking Club

I came across this cool walking series called the Unlearning Walking Club. It’s part of Spaces of Contestation at the Unit/Pitt Project (formerly the Helen Pitt Gallery) on Pender in Vancouver. The moving exploration runs through April 20 and is led by Zoe Keye and Catherine Grau. There’s a walk this Sunday. They’re […]

Smokers’ Poll

Gone are the days of designated smoking sections and rooms. UBC is making it clear that smokers are unwelcome. They’ve been relegated to a smoking pole. Looks like a few smokers have missed the mark. The smokers’ pole is located well beyond the six required metres from the door of the Scarfe building. Not that […]

Balloons Blow

It was world water day yesterday. The City of Vancouver featured ways for you to conserve water and care for local watersheds in their Greenest City News e-letter. There are many groups working to improve local watersheds such as the Rivershed Society of BC and Still Moon Arts Society. David Suzuki posted a […]

Emery Barnes Park

I discovered this downtown park last week with a couple of my university colleagues. Our department research day will take place at the beautiful Scotiabank Dance Centre and we are preparing our presentation that will take the form of a tour. We explored the neighbourhood to scope out a “pedagogical pathway.” This little […]

Spring Musings

Yes it’s my real name. No I was born in the fall. No my parents weren’t hippies. Of course there’s a story to how I got my name. It took my Mom six years to get pregnant. On the February day that she found out about me, the flowers were beginning to bloom and the […]

Water Bears

This picture of a Water Bear or Tardigrade (Paramacrobiotus craterlaki) has been floating around Facebook this week. Who knew that an invertebrate could be so cute? I hope the silverfish that I routinely squish in my bathroom don’t look this cute under a microscope. Thanks to the Royal Photographic Society for the photo […]

Love Rocks

This beautiful memorial wall was created by stone sculptor Kerry Landman to commemorate his wife. He used local materials, limestone for the main wall structure and rounded granite field stones for the tree leaves. Read the full story on the Stone Art Blog. The blog is written by Sunny Wieler, an “Irish Stonemason/Landscaper/Artist, from west […]

Ready, Set, Garden

I bought seeds this week. On the weekend I’ll be heading to my community garden to get my plot prepped. Here’s my to do list:

•spread composted manure that was delivered last weekend

•trim herbs

•pull some weeds and compost

•rake up […]

Flu Buster

My doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine gave me this recipe when I was still weighed down with congestion from the swine flu after Christmas. He calls it: “Soup for kicking off cold (virus), raise immune system.” It really works. I left out the 1/3 pound chicken (leg/breast), used broth instead of water and […]