Spring Gillard


This is the second interview I did along my neighbourhood “gauntlet”. Danny was the first.

“Is McDonald’s ok for you?” Ken asks.

“Sure,” I say. Secretly quite happy I have an excuse to indulge in their french fries.

We park Jersey Cow outside with Ken’s backpack. Jersey Cow is a black and white Pitt Bull/Staffordshire […]


Everyday I walk a gauntlet of outstretched hands, from the homeless to the non-profits, everyone is looking for a handout. I never know what to do. Give, not give, buy food for them, ignore. Meanwhile I too am struggling to survive in this so-called affluent neighbourhood. When I was working on the charity/emergency food system […]


I wrote this little piece for my parents on their 50th anniversary. They are celebrating their 58th this weekend. My brothers have since dropped their immunity necklaces, but mine remains firmly clasped. Eight years later, the question I pose still seems relevant: Is there any adventure more challenging than a marriage?

My parents are survivors. […]

Rabbit River Farms

As a child, Steve Easterbrook and a friend paid regular visits to a neighbour up the street in rural Burnaby; the sometimes grumpy old man had an aviary. In spite of being a grump, he let the kids hang around and showed them the ropes. He raised traditional heritage breeds like Rhode Island Reds and […]

Lamenting the Loss of the Livable

First David Hunter closed their doors. My garden centre. All of my gardens for the last couple decades have been stocked mainly from that store. Thankfully there are a couple smaller west side garden stores; Earthrise and the Natural Gardener stock some select plants and seeds. But I have to cross a bridge to get […]

Cause for Celebration

My sister-in-law, Lelani Galley is a cake designer. She never had an Easy Bake Oven. Instead, she began baking in a real oven at the age of ten. She has been creating and handcrafting special occasion cakes for 25 years now. She’s won awards and praise from critics, clients and the media alike. When she […]

Tomayto Tomahto Tomatoe

A couple years ago I took my nephew to the Tomato Festival at Covert Farms in Oliver, BC. The whole day focused on the tomato; there were crazy games like tomato pitch and putt, tomato catapult and tomato toss. There was an Iron Chef competition – “ of course they had to use tomatoes in […]