Spring Gillard

Joel Salatin Rides into Town

The BC Farmers’ Markets Association and the Richmond Food Security Society have teamed up to give lower mainlanders ample opportunity to hear another great advocate for sustainable food systems. The groups are holding joint conferences at the Steveston Community Centre, March 11th through 13th in Richmond, BC. Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms, featured in Michael […]

Grounds For Gumboots

The Loutet Farm will be the first urban farm in North Vancouver. There is a ground breaking event this Saturday from 3:30 to 4:30 pm in Loutet Park, with prizes for the best gumboots! Here’s what’s interesting about this urban farm, first of all it’s located on underutilized public parkland within a residential area. When […]

My Olympic Conversion

I voted no during the referendum on whether or not Vancouver should host the 2010 Olympics. So did most of my circle of friends and colleagues. I’d read too much about the detrimental effects of the games, the skyrocketing costs, the displaced people. Sixty-four percent of our citizens were in favour of the Olympic Bid […]

Meet Your Maker

Farm Folk City Folk and Local Food First are hosting their third annual Meet Your Maker event on March 14th in Fort Langley, BC. Billed as speed dating for farmers, the event brings together farmers, fishers, ranchers, food processors, distributors, retailers, and food services eager to do business and make connections with each other. A […]

Honey For Your Honey

Brian Campbell has put his heart and soul into his Blessed Bee Farm in Richmond, BC. He has hives all over the city, half of them are within walking distance from his home. But he has put a sweet twist on his business, by adapting the community supported agriculture, or CSA model to honey production. […]

The Persistence of Pesticides

One of my Facebook friends recently asked me if pesticide residues were a problem in finished compost. She had heard that pesticide residues weren’t an issue in Canada because all legal pesticides here were biodegradable. As I found out while researching the chapter on pesticides in my new book, that is a very big and […]

Soulful Enterprises

I heard Will Allen speak this past week. Seven hundred people turned up at the Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver to be inspired by this rock star of the urban agriculture world. And inspired we were. Allen is a former pro basketball player who has returned to his farming roots. Through his organization, Growing Power, […]

Bear Smart Composting

I wrote a whole chapter in my last book about composting when bears are in the vicinity. I barely remember what I wrote now, except for one tip. Douse with lime any fruit you put into your compost bin. Apparently bears don’t like lime, at least not the chalky garden variety. Fortunately, the folks at […]