Spring Gillard


One of the points in my 8-point meditation program is one-pointed attention, another way of saying “mindfulness” or focusing on one thing at a time. In our multi-tasking age, it’s easy to say that it’s impossible or your boss wouldn’t allow it. But there’s plenty of scientific evidence to show that focusing is the key […]

Workout Stays in Box

I’ve been working out at a gym for many years but decided to switch it up. I wanted a new routine in a fresh environment. I went shopping for some hand weights in second hand stores and came home with a brand new gym in a bag. It’s supposed to be the “ultimate” workout and […]

Marg of the Maples

I first met Margaret Haga when I was working at City Farmer. She had taken over the management of the Maple Street Garden from Barb Atkins, the energetic and dedicated woman who started the community garden. The Maple garden was the first community garden to pop up on the east side of Maple […]

Consummate Consonance

I had a friend over for dinner last night. I made my new favourite: kale coconut curry. I know, a lot of hard consonants for a recipe that is so deliciously comforting. Even though it’s dairy-free, the coconut milk gives it a creamy texture. The dish is not only beautiful, it’s healthy too. I served […]

Roast Roost

I was in Sydney this past weekend visiting family and friends. My cousin took me to a very cool bakery café for breakfast Saturday morning. Roost Farm Centre is situated on a 10-acre family farm. The wheat, berries, chicken and eggs used in the lovely baked goods and other menu items are all […]

Food for the Future

There’s an important event coming up that some of you may be able to attend. Here’s the press release with more information.

February 2014 marks the 40th birthday of the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), created to protect farmland across BC for agriculture. Only 5% of the landbase of our mountainous province is protected […]

UN Spotlight on Farms

A farmer and his wife working in a vegetable plot irrigated by water from the Mpatheni Dam in Swaziland.Credit: FAO/Rodger Bosch

Press release from the UN.

UN launches International Year to spotlight role of family farms in reducing hunger, poverty

The United Nations today launched the International Year of Family Farming (2014) in […]

RFP Culture

This post continues in the same vein as the one a few days ago on new capitalism with its love for short-term contracts, intensified workloads and decreased timelines.

When I was in advertising we used to do elaborate pitches for new business. It took hours and hours of preparation and rehearsal and often required overtime, […]

Slow on Sunday

Orion, one of my favourite magazines, was running a fundraising campaign over the Christmas holidays. One of the points in my meditation program is slowing down, so I am always interested to see how others are cottoning on to this valuable tool in our increasingly wired and speedy world. It doesn’t mean […]

Impatient Capital

I was reading about work and learning for a course recently and came across some very interesting articles in a book (cited below). This excerpt explains a lot to me about the incredible demands contractors are under now. I’ve had a few contracts with impossibly short turnarounds and impossibly long lists of deliverables. I’m sure […]