Spring Gillard

West Coast Winter

Weather report: Snow drops in Vancouver.

Ancient Landscapes, Living Culture

The Museum of Anthropology, the Musqueam First Nation and the Museum of Vancouver have collaborated on a new exhibition series called cəsnaʔəm, the city before the city. The region, currently known as “Marpole” was first occupied by the Musqueam five thousand years ago. In three locations, the exhibits explore Musqueam identity, culture and ongoing connection […]

In Like a Lamb

The year of the ram is upon us, according to the Lunar Calendar. The ram (or sheep or goat) is said to usher in a calmer, gentler time. Nevertheless, Chinatown was abuzz this week with New Year’s activities. There’s plenty to do during the spring festival this weekend. The vibrant multicultural parade starts at 11 […]

Alien Tomato

My mom as been keeping a pet tomato. The eversprouting fruit looks like an alien life form. She took the plant into Art Knapp, her local garden store where Scott Austin, resident garden columnist, did a bit of research. Turns out that this strange sprouting phenomenon is not that uncommon. It’s called “vivipary” and, according […]

Bike Arch

The weather has been so spring-like on the west coast that I am thinking about getting my bike tuned up and out on the road again. With cycling on my mind, I came across this inspiring bike art on a blog called Bikes4Life. Looks like it was originally posted on Green Renaissance though. Artists Mark […]

Nature is Speaking

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There’s a lovely nature series on Youtube by Conservation International. In one of them Harrison Ford is the Ocean, in another Robert Redford is a Redwood, Penelope Cruz is Water, Kevin Spacey is the Rainforest. You get the idea. Listen to mother nature via some great celebrity voice overs.

Not the Safe Way

I cross the Safeway parking lot everyday on my way home from work and always feel as if I’m putting my life in danger. A man died in August of 2005, when he slipped and fell and was hit by one of the large food trucks that are constantly coming in and out of the […]

Dance Dance Dance

My brother and I are heading to So You Think You Can Dance, 2014 top 10 on tour in Vancouver tonight! The 12th season begins in June.

Getting to Maybe

I’m reading a wonderful book called Getting to Maybe, which I highly recommend to anyone working for social change. In very accessible language and through compelling case studies, the book describes the change process based on the interdisciplinary systems view of life. In one chapter, the authors speak of the importance of engaging the “powerful […]

Plug Your Nose & Vote Yes

We have an important vote coming up in our region: the Metro Vancouver Transit and Transportation referendum. The question will be: “Do you support a new 0.5% Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax, to be dedicated to the Mayors’ Transportation and Transit Plan? Yes or No.” Many groups have come out either for or against the […]