Spring Gillard

Storm FX

Climate change just came to my neighbourhood. The wild wind storm Saturday night uprooted trees all over the city. The soil was so dry it couldn’t hold the roots. The trees were heaved up out of the ground, smashing cars and blocking streets. This is one of the reasons the city always reminds people to […]

NEU Energy

The city is expanding the neighbourhood energy utility (NEU) beyond Olympic Village to the Great Northern Way Campus. The NEU provides heat and hot water to buildings in the South East False Creek neighbourhood. It is the first utility in North America to use waste heat recovered from untreated urban waste water. Greenhouse gas emissions […]

City Fabric

I have been riding under this fabric beneath the Burrard Street Bridge for awhile now. I thought the City was still doing repairs on it. But then I noticed the sign and realized it was public art! Artists are Rebecca Bayer and Matthew Soules. Very cool. Read more here.


Lucy’s Lemon Squares

A colleague made these squares for a staff party recently. I was surprised when she told me where the recipe was from – the Peanuts Cookbook! So delicious, thank you Lucy. So easy, even Snoopy could make them.


1 cup flour 1/2 cup butter 1/4 cup powdered sugar 2 eggs 1 cup granulated […]

Deign to Open

There are a lot of museums and galleries on the UBC Point Grey campus and I’ve been trying to visit them all before I leave the student life. I’ve tried to get into the art gallery at the Audain Art Centre no less than four times. I’ve tried at different times of the year, different […]

Stem the Water

I heard Ian Tostenson, the president of the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association on CBC Radio recently during a piece about the drought in Vancouver. With stage three water restrictions in place throughout Metro Vancouver, the announcer was curious what the restaurant industry was doing to help ­– such as not automatically serving water […]

Rain or Shine Seating

Rain or Shine, Kitsilano’s favourite ice cream hang out, has a new outdoor seating area. They’ve taken over two parking spots on 4th Avenue. Car park or ice cream park? I know which one I’d choose. I suspect they are participating in the City’s Viva Vancouver program which is exploring new ways to create public […]

Warm Red Cabbage Salad

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I’m going to make this dish for a potluck picnic this weekend. It’s always a favourite. It’s from the Greens Cookbook by Deborah Madison (the wonderful San Francisco restaurant).

The cabbage is cooked just enough to soften it, then tossed with apple, goat cheese and roasted walnuts. This is a […]

Cut Out Waste

There’s a great feature on food waste in the August issue of Alive Magazine. Here’s an excerpt, but there’s much more if you click on the link.

In Canada, we throw away more food per year than Africa produces. This figure may seem shocking, but there’s no denying the cost of food waste—nearly $31 billion […]

Red Chairs

Saw this post from Jim Pennie on Facebook via a couple of my FB friends. Heart-achingly beautiful.

These chairs were laid out for a wedding in 1939 in Poland. The wedding was abandoned, and so were the chairs due to the German invasion. They were found again after the war with the trees growing […]