Records of the Past


Over the years, as I’ve moved around, my benevolent parents have been the recipients of my overflow. To this day they have some of my furniture, many of my old art projects, Brownie uniforms, Barbie dolls and a cupboard full of records. They also have my old stereo and turntable in their living room, even though they have one of their own. When I was home over Easter I decided it was high time to take responsibility for my own stuff.

I sorted through the records and set aside a stack of them to take home. Some of the remaining ones belong to my brothers. The Bobbies (Vinton, Ryder, Vee) belong to Mom and Dad. I also found eight track tapes and one of those inserts for the eight track player in your car that converts it to an audio cassette player. Time for the folks to clean out the past too.

I’ll take the vinyl to Zulu Records soon. I doubt that I’ll get any money for them, they’re probably too scratched. Still they have a free bin, so hopefully someone will give them a good home. Otherwise, I know they’ll recycle them.

Next visit, it’s the Barbie dolls. Won’t get any money for those either, at some point my brothers decided to tattoo their faces with marker pen. Don’t think I did any damage to their Ken dolls, so maybe I’ll cash those in as retribution.

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