Spring Gillard

Spring Musings

Yes it’s my real name. No I was born in the fall. No my parents weren’t hippies. Of course there’s a story to how I got my name. It took my Mom six years to get pregnant. On the February day that she found out about me, the flowers were beginning to bloom and the […]

Master of Arts in Education at UBC

Alice Aeju Jeon, First Year MA student in Educational Studies

I have been hired by my department to help promote their new Master of Arts (MA) program in Educational Studies (EDST). I’ve been working primarily on their website content, so I’ve been interviewing professors and students and the process is teaching me a […]

Why I Brought a Hula Hoop to My Poster Conference

For an assignment this week, I am presenting my research topic at an academic poster session. My classmates are presenting along with some PhD students. Faculty and staff from our educational studies department have been invited and are bound to ask us hard-hitting questions that we have no idea how to answer. […]

Poster Child

I will be presenting my research topic during a poster session at an upcoming class. Even though I barely know what that topic is yet, I’ve been attempting to put a poster together over the past few days. At our last class, I learned that a poster that I might create for an advertising campaign […]

Composting Technologies

A year ago, a colleague and I conducted a study for Metro Vancouver on seven composting systems that would be suitable for apartment buildings, condominiums and co-operatives. We studied the systems in operation in a range of multi-family settings. The technologies included a traditional three bin wood and wire system from a […]

Shifting to Curiosity

One of the big challenges I’ve had in my first couple months of school is my own resistance. I’ve been around the block a few times, so when someone tells me I have to do something and in a specific way, I feel myself bracing, a great big NO rising from my toes, with an […]

To CIRS With Love

In early 2006, I was attending monthly Metro Vancouver breakfast meetings focused on the United Nations World Urban Forum that would take place in June that year. I was planning Green Scenes with the Centre for Sustainable Community Development at Simon Fraser University and would be premiering some of the tours at […]

Giving Thanks to Teachers

Friday was World Teachers’ Day. Maybe because I am in the Faculty of Education now, I am paying more attention to teacherly things. One thing I know is how grateful I am to my many teachers.

In Grade 5, I copied from my best friend’s test paper. She let me copy, angled it in a […]

SSHRC-ing my Responsibilities

I’m working on a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council grant or SSHRC, pronounced shirk for short. Those of you who have done a Masters or a PhD will know what I’m talking about and will empathize with me. It’s a monster – with many moving parts. And the deadline is this Monday. Or that […]

Haz Mat

In the mid-1990s, I became interested in what was then a relatively new phenomenon, genetically modified foods, an industry ripe with politics. Although it was never directly part of my work at City Farmer, I took the subject on as a side interest. I began to collect newspaper clippings, friends passed them on to […]