Composting Technologies

A year ago, a colleague and I conducted a study for Metro Vancouver on seven composting systems that would be suitable for apartment buildings, condominiums and co-operatives. We studied the systems in operation in a range of multi-family settings. The technologies included a traditional three bin wood and wire system from a co-op in North Vancouver; the Worm Wigwam, a vermicomposting unit at a co-housing development in Bellingham Washington; the Jora JK400 at a co-op in Montreal; the Earth Tub at Grandview/¿uuqinak’uuh Elementary School in Vancouver; the White Dragon at Mulberry Retirement Residence in Burnaby, BC; the Rocket A900 at Lakefield College in Lakefield Ontario; and the Big Hanna T240 at McGill University in Montreal. The On-Site Composting Technology Review is part of Metro Vancouver’s initiative to encourage waste reduction and organics diversion while providing quality compost to local gardeners. The report, in edited form, is now available on Metro’s website. Check it out.

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