Triggerfish Design

My brother Don is a Pisces, which might explain his love of triggerfish and why he named his design company after the tropical fish.

Picasso Triggerfish

Don’s a creative type. It’s hard to fit what he does into an elevator speech. I am going to try to fit it into a blog post. He has a degree in Industrial Design from Emily Carr. He designed furniture for many years, sold through a number of high-end stores and designed restaurant interiors, including the Earls chain. He is a painter and sculptor and has exhibited his work at galleries and the Eastside Culture Crawl. After completing a classical animation program, he began to produce for the likes of NBC, MGM, Walt Disney Studios and Nettwerk Records. MVKA, an international event design and production company, recognized his many talents and hired him as art director and head designer where he worked for ten years. In that capacity, he created their sets, painted large graphic props, produced their print and video materials and made sure everything ran when it was supposed to on event day.

He moved up to the Okanagan a few years ago, initially to design boat interiors, but he now applies his graphic skills almost exclusively to web design. He specializes in responsive websites – the kind that will look good on any device, an important consideration these days. He was awarded an Excellence in Design Award from the Arts Council of the Okanagan in 2011.

I’m excited to report that Don will be moving back to Vancouver in April. So if you need a new website or other graphic design work, give Don a call.

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