Canada Grows

sallygdnA colleague sent out this excerpt from Stats Can this week. A lot of us are growing food. Too bad about the continued use of pesticides, even though they’ve been banned for cosmetic use in many jurisdictions. There’s some great information on natural yard and garden care here.

Canadians and Nature: Around the home, 2013

In 2013, more than half of Canadian households (57%) reported that they grew fruits, herbs, vegetables or flowers for personal use in the previous 12 months. The most common place to have grown these types of plants was in the yard (81% of these households), followed by balconies (30%) and indoors (22%).

More than half (59%) of Canadian households that had a lawn or garden reported using fertilizers or pesticides in 2013, up from 55% in 2011. Households in Saskatchewan that had a lawn or garden were the most likely to have used fertilizers or pesticides in 2013 (75%), while those in New Brunswick (47%) were the least likely.

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