Spring Gillard

Primula Auricula

Tonight we say farewell to Alison, one of our founding members at the community garden to which I belong. After decades of service on the board and tending some of our most beautiful common areas, Alison will be moving to the Island. We’re having a potluck bash to send her off to her new life.


Marg of the Maples

I first met Margaret Haga when I was working at City Farmer. She had taken over the management of the Maple Street Garden from Barb Atkins, the energetic and dedicated woman who started the community garden. The Maple garden was the first community garden to pop up on the east side of Maple […]

Seeds on Sunday

We had a great time at our community garden seed saving workshop on Saturday in Kitsilano. I was really struck by how much of a community we really are. David Catzel, our workshop leader talked to us about planning to grow for seed, especially the ones that require larger populations to maintain good […]

Choice Garden BBQ

My community garden, the one with the cute purple shed, is having a fundraiser this Sunday. The BBQ bash takes place at Choices Market in Kits. Choices will provide burgers with a drink by donation. And you can chat […]