Primula Auricula

Primula_auricula2_resizedTonight we say farewell to Alison, one of our founding members at the community garden to which I belong. After decades of service on the board and tending some of our most beautiful common areas, Alison will be moving to the Island. We’re having a potluck bash to send her off to her new life.

Our garden is the oldest in the city and Alison can tell many engaging stories of its evolution, and about its many colourful members. Alison was in charge of membership when I joined. She toured me around the garden and made me feel welcome. I’ve been there three years now and it seems every time I go, she is there. Whether we have a chat or exchange some vegetables, she has always made me feel that I was part of a community. I belonged to another community garden before this one and never felt part of that garden. There was no firm, guiding hand there to help build community.

Alison used the name “Primula auricula” as her email address. She has many of the qualities of that flower; how we will miss that bright and cheerful harbinger of spring.

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  1. Thank you for these kind words for my good friend Alison. She will spread her love and passion for gardening here in Victoria now, but will visit “Alison’s Garden” when she is in Vancouver and more often in her heart. I am so happy that everyone gave her such a lovely farewell party.
    Linda Totino
    Victoria, BC

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