Coffee Crossing

yokasI’d walk a mile for a good cup of coffee. I would even take a ferry ride. And that’s exactly what I did last week, so I could visit my old friends and coffee vendors Yoka and Tristan in Victoria, BC.  Yoka’s, as their café and coffee roaster is called, used to be on Broadway on the westside of Vancouver. I had my favourite blend there and have not found a really good replacement since they departed. Some of the old Vancouver regulars take advantage of the mail order service! A friend of mine hand delivers a bag or two for me whenever she comes to Vancouver.

Yoka roasts the beans on site, so there’s always a lovely smell when you walk in the door. They have a great selection of fair trade and organic coffees, and you can buy the beans in the quantities you want. A lot of coffee spots make you buy a full pound of each and won’t mix it for you. I happen to like organic dark Costa Rica organic blended with organic Swiss Water decaff.

Yoka’s new location is on Mason Street in a very funky part of the capital. If you live in Victoria or if you are just visiting, make sure to check them out. They have amazing local honey and herbs too, plus chunks of hazelnut chocolate for which I would also happily cross the Georgia Strait.

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