Spring Gillard

Peas Please

My peas aren’t quite making it home from the garden.


I booked a compost workshop at my community garden for tonight – before I knew I was getting a new, full time job. So the question was, do I cart all of my composting supplies with me to work or try to rush home before heading to the garden for 6pm. I decided that carrying […]

Ready, Set, Garden

I bought seeds this week. On the weekend I’ll be heading to my community garden to get my plot prepped. Here’s my to do list:

•spread composted manure that was delivered last weekend

•trim herbs

•pull some weeds and compost

•rake up […]

Leaving Space

Is that all you’re going to plant? Aren’t you planting more stuff? Haven’t you planted anything yet? I survived the many questions from well-meaning friends and fellow community gardeners. The desire (and pressure) to overplant is overwhelming at times, but leaving space has paid off. My plants have room to grow. Everything […]

Welcome Chip

The compost committee at my community garden welcomed a new member today, “Chip.” Our new shredder made fast work of some of the larger woodier materials in the compost corner. As we want to keep Chip in good working order, we will only be shredding at work parties. Garden members must be […]

I Got Wheels

A couple weeks ago, I loaded all my recyclables into a large duffle bag and strapped it to my bike with bungy cords. I don’t have panniers. In fact, my bike is so old, panniers won’t fit onto it. The duffle bag stuck out both sides of my bike – I probably should have […]

Ribollita Soup

Last weekend, my friend Mark and I were working at one of my two community gardens. While I weeded and seeded, he pulled up the bricks around the plot, built up the ground with more sand and relaid the path. I’m so happy to have a garden helper who likes the building side of gardening.


Saving Green by Growing Greens

Community gardens are sprouting like weeds. There are hundreds of community gardens in British Columbia, thousands across Canada and throughout North America and Europe, more if you count school gardens. Governments are increasingly recognizing the social, environmental and economic benefits of community gardens too. The City of Vancouver pledged to add 2010 new garden plots […]

The Spin on Urban Agriculture

Can urban agriculture save the world? My friend David Tracey (Guerilla Gardening, A Manualfesto, New Society, 2007) and I did a series of podcasts that attempted to answer that question. All of our guests (there have only been three to date – a roof top farmer , an urban farmer, and a uniquely local corner […]

Talking Food Security in Kelowna

Many years ago now, I met Ruth Mellor when she came to the compost garden where I used to work. I paid her a visit in Kelowna to see her community garden at the back of the Unitarian Church, the only one in Kelowna at the time. Ruth and the gardeners wanted to expand and […]