Spring Gillard

Little Lost Zucchini

I went to water my sad little garden the other night. I have reseeded so many times this year I have lost count. It looks like the only thing I’m growing is soil. The gluttonous bamboo thriving on the other side of the fence is eating and drinking on my side. Nothing will grow on […]

Trellis Venture

Recently, I needed a bag of Sea Soil to top up my community garden plot, so once again I employed my trusty wheels. At the garden store, I decided to get a trellis too. I was able to strap both bulky items on to my little trolley. I walked the full […]

Middle Path Gardening

Every year I pick a theme. It’s always amazing to me how the second I choose the lens through which I will view my life, the lessons rush in. This year it’s middle path. I tend to be a fast or binge type in many areas of my life. So learning how to walk […]

Grass As Green on Both Sides

Yesterday I walked over to my community garden plot. I had planted it up a couple weeks ago and was anticipating a lot of growth. I was disappointed to see very little activity, except for all the grass around the plot that I’m supposed to keep mowed. Beans, lettuce, radishes, carrots, kale, where are you? […]