Middle Path Gardening

Every year I pick a theme. It’s always amazing to me how the second I choose the lens through which I will view my life, the lessons rush in. This year it’s middle path. I tend to be a fast or binge type in many areas of my life. So learning how to walk a more middle ground seemed like a good thing to do. It’s not going that well actually. It’s a lot harder than it sounds.

But perhaps there is one area of my life where I lean towards the middle. At my community garden today, I noticed the plot next to mine was annoyingly perfect. I mean look at it. How could I possibly measure up to that? Compared to that garden, mine was a scruffy patch of mediocrity, tended by a lazy, impatient and careless gardener who does not amend her soil properly and who throws too many seeds in one spot. What gardener in their right mind would choose a plot with a friggin’ tree in front of it?

But then I glanced to the other side and my heart skipped. That plot was more on the wild abandon side, bordering on barren wasteland actually. Which puts me somewhere in the middle.

The Buddhists say the ego dies in the middle. In my case, it will probably just be plants.


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